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Mr. Bertrand has worked on numerous geothermal projects from the early 1970's to present. Early geothermal experience include drilling for the Department of Energy (DOE) Hot dry Rock Project in Fenton Hill, New Mexico, Union Oil on the Valle Grande Caldera, New Mexico, and the Salton Sea scientific Geothermal Project managed by the DOE and Republic Geothermal.

Today Mr. Bertrand offers his experience to install residential and commercial geothermal systems utilizing standing column and closed loop technologies.




Well Construction Methods

Well Drilling

A well should be designed to meet the needs of the home or business that it will serve. However, location and geology will contribute to the best design and construction method for the well.

Bertrand Well Drilling Methods

Air rotary drilling uses compressed air to drill rock with a down hole rock hammer. Drill cuttings are lifted to the surface with water or air water mixture. The depth of the hole is determined by the amount of water encountered in the fractures of the rock.

Another rotary drilling method, mud rotary drilling, uses a mud fluid to bring drill cuttings to the ground surface and hold the borehole open until the casing or the GeoThermal closed loop is installed.

Finishing Touches

All drilling methods leave particles that clog up the pore spaces and prevent water from flowing freely into the well. Cleaning out this byproduct is called well development work and is done to make the well clean and as productive as possible.

Well Maintenance

A properly designed and constructed water well should last the owner for the life of the home or building it serves. But like all mechanical devices, water wells and pumps need maintenance and service at various times. Well rehabilitation is the work or processes used to clean scale or encrustation from a well or repair damage to the screen, formation, or casing.