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How to Hire a Water Well Contractor

Proir to selecting a water well contractor for a job, it is a good idea to obtain information about several contractors in the area before making a choice. The following information should be considered:

  • Is the contractor licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? You may visit the following link to verify licensing status.
  • Does the contractor submit well logs?
  • Does the contractor have equipment in good condition suitable for the requirements of the job?
  • Does the contractor have adequate liability and workers compensation insurance to protect you?
  • What is the contractor's reputation with previous customers? Is the contractor willing to supply references?
  • Will the contractor furnish a written contract specifying the terms and conditions of the job?

Written Contracts

It is important to obtain a written contract when preparing to have a well constructed. Unless you know what each contractor will do for his specified price, you can't compare offers and decide which one to hire.

  • Liability insurance coverage held by the contractor.
  • Compliance with local and state regulations and codes.
  • The diameter and well thickness of the casing to be used. The type of well development , duration, and yield evaluation procedures to be used.
  • For sand and gravel wells the cost of soil boring and sieve analysis to determine proper screen design.
  • The type of screen to be installed.
  • The disinfection procedure.
  • The cleanup after drilling of equipment and materials used, except cuttings and waste water.
  • An anticipated date for start of drilling.
  • A guarantee of materials and workmanship on new wells.


An itemized list of costs is better than a lump sum. The list could include.

  • Cost of drilling per foot
  • Cost of casing per foot
  • Cost of other operations, such as grouting, developing, water tests, permits, and pump tests.
  • Cost of decommissioning or abandoned well should it be necessary or required by the town.