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Water Treatment

Water Treatment Before the selection and installation of any water treatment system it is important to have your water supply tested for quality. It is not economically feasible to test for all water quality parameters so it is essential to know what water quality problems may exist in your geographic area. Bertrand Well Drilling offers water quality survey services based on their experience and knowledge of the area.


Acidic water is water that has a pH lower than 7.0 is considered acidic. Acidic water can be extremely destructive by corroding your plumbing system. If you are experiencing blue or green staining you may have acidic water due to the corrosion of copper piping.

Water Softening

Hard water is water that contains a high mineral content, and is found in many homes in Massachusetts. Hard water often clogs pipes, appliances, and heat pumps with a scale which is mineral deposits that is left over after the water has evaporated. This scaling reduces the longevity of plumbing and appliances.

A sign that you may have hard water is if there is a soapy film in the shower, and you notice that your soap and shampoo doesn't readily form a lather.

Water softening can treat the hard water by reducing the concentration of the minerals to reduce the effects of scaling adding years to your appliances and making it more suitable for laundry and showering.