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Geothermal Energy

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Geothermal systems can heat and cool your home or business for a fraction of the cost of gas or oil, providing clean and renewable energy.

There are three principle components to a geothermal system: the ground loop or standing column well, the heat pump equipment and the distribution system.

The ground loops consist of a network of high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) installed in wells in the ground which contain an environmentally friendly antifreeze solution which circulates between the loops and the heat pump.

Heat pumps move heat from a lower temperature source such as water or earth to higher temperature receiving medium such as the antifreeze solution similar to the way a refrigerator operates.

In the summer the heat pump extracts heat from inside the home to the antifreeze solution and circulates it through the loops in the cooler earth. Excess heat in the home in the summer can be used to heat domestic hot water at no cost in the summer and at a substantial savings in the winter.

In the winter the heat pump transfers heat from the water or antifreeze solution to the inside air. The heat pump extracts the heat from the fluid in the pipes; pump it into the home, producing heat.

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